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A Better Life is Possible

With Secure and Functional Teeth

We have some good news for you

Your days of dealing with loose or ill-fitting dentures are nearly over. Soon you won’t have to experience discomfort when eating certain foods. Best of all, you will no longer feel uncomfortable socializing with friends and family, wondering if, or when ,your denture’s looseness will be noticed by others.

Your dentist has a solution for you

There are modern dental solutions that will help you smile, eat, and socialize easily with confidence and without discomfort. In fact, it’s easier than ever before to replace or secure your current dentures with a stable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Your teeth are very important

Losing your natural teeth was probably a traumatic experience. But living with an unreliable and unstable restoration will continue to produce negative effects.

Functionally, a secure, or “fixed” set of teeth lets you enjoy your favorite foods. When wearing ill-fitting dentures, enjoying a meal can become difficult and uncomfortable.

A natural-looking smile is ofter seen as a symbol of health and beauty. Equally important, smiling provides positive emotional any psychological benefits.

Ultimately, a strong, stable, functioning dental restoration allows you to feel confident while helping you maintain your health and mental well-being.

Consequences of loose or ill-fitting dentures

Discomfort and inconvenience

Like many denture wearers you’re probably unhappy with the fit or comfort of your current dentures

Ill-fitting dentures can move in your mouth while you eat and speak, creating pressure on your gums and underlying jawbone.

This pressure can lead to painful inflammation and accelerate the changes to your appearance.

Difficulties with chewing and speaking

Dentures often make it difficult to chew which can cause you to stop eating many of the foods you enjoy or those vital for your nutrition and health.

Additionally the plastic palate of your current dentures can negatively affect the taste and texture of food.

Your dentures may also impact your ability to pronounce words, leading to uncomfortable conversations with family, friends, and acquaintances.

Changes to your appearance

When your jawbone is no longer stimulated by your own teeth and tooth roots, it will start shrinking.

This shrinking also negatively affects how your dentures fit, leading to repeated visits to your dentist for refitting.

Missing teeth can further affect your appearance because your lips are no longer supported from the inside. Your chin starts to move forward and upward and your lips turn inward.

Thankfully solutions exist to prevent and reverse those changes.

The best solution for you

Modern solutions supported by dental implants are the best choice for securing loose or ill-fitting dentures.

Depending on your specific situation, as few as two dental implants can make a big difference in securing your denture, giving you new confidence.

Dental implants, which are placed during a surgical procedure, provide the much-needed stability in your jawbone that has been absent after years of wearing uncomfortable dentures.

New teeth from day one

Receiving dental implants doesn’t mean you will go around without teeth following surgery.

In most cases, your dentist will instruct you to use your existing dentures while the implants are healing and your new restoration is being created.

Removable versus fixed

The biggest decision you and your dentist must make is determining which type of solution is best for you.

Options exist that allow you to remove your restoration for cleaning or have it permanently fixed in your mouth.

However, a fixed solution may be the only choice due to your particular clinical situation.

One specific solution that provides you with superior aesthetics and functionality is the Nobel Biocare All-on-4 treatment concept.

Finally, remember you are not alone

It can be easy to think you’re the only one suffering with loose or ill-fitting dentures, but there are thousands of people having the same problem. But the best peace of mind is knowing that thousands have already improved their situation and self-confidence through the use of dental implants.

And now you can too!