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TKR Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

A five-star surgical team supported by a friendly staff who welcomes you into a professional and efficient atmosphere. Within our office, we offer a full range of oral and maxillofacial procedures that will enhance your life functionally and aesthetically.

  • Dr. Krstal Thompson, DDS

    Dr. Thompson has earned an outstanding reputation throughout the WVU campus for her diligent work ethic, excellent performance, and patient care.


what we offer for you

We use Nobel Biocare because their products and treatment concepts are designed to give patients a fully functional dentition. Rooted firmly in both science and innovation, Nobel Biocare also aspires to have their products last a lifetime.

Soften and smooth, plump and rejuvenate. Seeing results just after a few visits will make you smile more, which makes those around you smile more. We strive to help you create a more cheerful and optimistic outlook on life by providing opportunities to have your outside match your inside. Ask for a consultation to discover how you can face the day with a new look.

Nobel Biocare

Why your doctor uses products from nobel biocare

  • Over 65 years of clinical experience

  • More than 18 million implants placed worlwide

  • Products manufactured in USA and Sweden

  • 4,400+ independent scientific publications with data on Nobel Biocare products and solutions

  • Present in over 80 countries

Our clients

what our clients say

Do not take our word for it. Hear it directly from these most pleased mouths and joyful faces…

With their help, I finally worked up the nerve to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled....and what a fun time it was. That’s right....all that fear and anxiety....and it ended up being a fun time.
Jen Bonz
Google Review
My daughter needed a wisdom tooth removed. She was having extreme anxiety and panic over it. She visited a couple other oral surgeon’s in the area and never felt completely at ease until she met with Dr. Thompson at TKR Oral Surgeons. She came back from her first consultation with hope. She said they listened to her and comforted her. She told me this would be the place to pull her tooth.
Michael Lawson
Google Review
Seriously the sweetest staff in any medical office I’ve ever been in. They cared for my son like he was one of their own, even carrying him to the car after surgery. HIGHLY recommend this establishment for children.
Kayla Armstrong
Facebook Review

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